Bollywood Brass Band

The Bollywood Brass Band (Celebrity show organisers) is known to play great tunes and foot-tapping rhythms of the most popular music in the world, Bollywood Style. Four funky drummers and six hot horns play massive hits of A.R.Rehman from Indian Bollywood films, all driven by the huge beat of the ‘dhol’ drum. Different from other brass bands, this band is a guaranteed hit for any wedding ‘baraat’ procession and reception, given their impressive Indian tunes. Watch them play and shake a leg on this ‘Aaj Tak’ coverage.

Solo Electric Cello

We craft a trade mission for you that ensures maximum outreach for all participants, whether it is showcasing flagship products or making those significant encounters. We also make post event content available for registered participants.


There is nothing more romantic or soothing than the sound of the harp, it is an instrument of the Gods. Not only does its music create a tangible atmosphere, the instrument itself is a beautiful visual addition to any event setting. The Harp can enhance the ambience of a wedding reception, a high profile dinner, a corporate event or any other social gathering. Watch a video of our harpist performing.

Dragon dance

Dragon dance is a traditional dance form in the Chinese culture. Like the Lion dance, it is most often seen in festive celebrations. Chinese people often use the term “Descendants of the Dragon” as a sign of ethnic identity. In the dance, a team of dancers carries the dragon – which is an image of the Chinese dragon (International Artists) – on poles. All the possible requirements for the dance that is the theme, the props, the music is arranged and planned by Sound Spirit. The location is also made open so that the performers can perform without glitches.

laser show

Since the last couple of years, unique event has organized a multitude of programs having the laser show, thereby establishing itself as one of the most renowned laser show organizers in India. We have various types of lasers to fit your requirement, especially when unusual visual effects and beam effects are desired for making the event grand. We use the Bean show, Moving Head Laser System, Indoor Laser System, Single Laser System, Multicolour Laser System, and Outdoor Laser System to name a few and Graphics movies to make the events more emphatic and memorable. We generally use – high power laser systems for large scale public shows or outdoor shows; lower power systems for indoor events; graphic movies for shows like corporate theatre and trade shows; laser billboard and beam effects laser for dance and party events. Our latest show is the Laser Man show watch him manipulate the laser and make leave you in absolute wonder


Our (International Event Organizers) talented flautist has a Masters from Switzerland and Bachelors in Flute from National Music Academy in Bulgaria. She has been playing the flute since she was 19 and boasts of performances all over the globe. Her soothing music has mesmerized audiences in South Korea, China, UAE and many more destinations and she is now performing exclusively in India. She has a vast repertoire of popular western songs and is increasing her play list with soothing romantic Bollywood songs. Watch a video of our talented flautist playing sweet music


Being a pioneer in Qawwali theme based shows, Sound Spirit is proud to revive famous Bollywood Qawwalis. Performing songs right from Mughal–e–Aazam to the latest Jodha Akbar, we make you and your guests feel like royalty in this show famously known as ‘Mehfil–e– Khaas’. You can catch a glimpse of them in this video

Sand Animation

Sand Animation is a breathtaking visual spectacle, where the artist applies sand to a surface, then renders images within by drawing lines and figures by hand. Each delicate movement of the hand furthers a story in a fashion more complex than cartoon animation. Suitable for product launches, corporate events and wedding events. Watch them creating magic in this video


The musical performance of our famed quartet radiates positive energy through charm and attractiveness that is both musically and visually satisfying. They play our very own Bollywood as well as popular western music. Sound Spirit has composed and arranged original music, especially for this quartet since its inception. Check them out in this video.


Imagine a grand symphony that has 50 most senior and high end musicians of the Bollywood music industry, dressed in white suits and red bow-ties, all playing at the same time. With their melodious and romantic tunes, they would make any wedding a grand and a memorable one. Watch a recording

Strings Trio

We recommend this excellent violin trio for Corporate events and Wedding Receptions. They not only add glamour but also set a unique charm and atmosphere, by playing soulful Bollywood music as well as western classics. This is a sure-fire way to make your event most talked about. You can watch them perform in this video.